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Paw Keepsakes

Pet Safe Non-toxic Paw Print Ink Pad Kit

Pet Safe Non-toxic Paw Print Ink Pad Kit

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Capture the precious moments of your pet's life with our safe and easy-to-use ink press pad. Just like we cherish our baby's first prints, we encourage you to create a lovely pet keepsake by capturing your pet's first paw print or even towards the end of their life to cherish their memory forever.

Our ink press pad is specially designed to be safe for use on pets. The ink doesn't touch your pet's paw directly, ensuring their comfort and well-being. Instead, it gently presses the paw onto the paper beneath, leaving a beautiful and lasting impression that you can treasure as a heartwarming keepsake.

Remember the joy and love your pet brought into your life with this unique pet keepsake. Cherish the memories of their little paws and the pawprints they left on your heart with our ink press pad, creating a lasting tribute to the bond you shared.

Create a lasting tribute to your furry friend with our ink press pad and treasure their paw prints forever. Let these imprints serve as a symbol of the special connection you had with your pet, preserving their memory in a heartwarming and touching way.

Comes supplied in a linen bag.

Your pet paw print kit includes: 

  • Mess-free and easy-to-use ink pad
  • 2 x sheets of A6 thick paper
  • Detailed instructions

Ink area: W 5.7cm x H 9.5cm

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