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Paw Keepsakes

Pet Cremation Ashes Memorial Urn Keyring WIth Paw Charm

Pet Cremation Ashes Memorial Urn Keyring WIth Paw Charm

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This beautiful pet ashes keyring offers a meaningful and elegant way to keep a token amount of your beloved family pet's ashes close to your heart. The modern design features a stainless steel vessel with a lovey paw print charm. 

Using the keyring is simple and hassle-free. To fill the urn, unscrew the lid with ease and use the provided filling implement. Place a small amount of your beloved pet's ashes inside the vessel, then securely screw the lid back in place. The keyring is designed to hold a token amount of cremation ashes, providing a special and personal keepsake to honour your pet's memory.

Additionally it is supplied in a gift box and inside a linen bag, making it a thoughtful gift for anyone who has lost their beloved pet.

As a precaution, we recommend not getting the jewellery wet, as this may affect the ashes inside. For added security, you can apply a small amount of glue when screwing the top back on to ensure the ashes remain safely enclosed.

This pet ashes keyring is a cherished memento, allowing you to carry a part of your beloved pet with you always, providing comfort and solace in times of remembrance. It serves as a touching tribute to the special bond you shared and the cherished memories that will forever be in your heart.

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